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Used Furniture And Home Decor in Anchorage

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ReThink Home, used furniture and home decor, seeks to inspire our Anchorage community to “ReThink” how used items can be beautiful in their homes. We offer a variety of used furniture and décor including modern, vintage, retro, rustic, shabby-chic, antique, and locally made items, all in an inviting and fun environment. 

Jodi and Michael Clark, Owners/Operators - When they met at the World Famous Chilkoot Charlies way back in 2006, they would have never guessed that their love affair would take them all the way across the street, staying in Spenard forever. And they are so happy it happened that way.

What do you get when you pair a drama major and avid toy collector with a Texan who's major passion in life is football and more specifically the Cinncinnati Bengals? Your incredibly creative, fun, and hardworking staff here at ReThink Home.  Along with our adorably cute and amazing son Benjamin we hope to inspire you, create with you, and make you super happy that you came in today.

Let us make your living quarters your Hobbit hole, your nest, your space ship, your man cave, your castle, your giant shoe. What ever home means to you we want to help you achieve your dreams with consigning excellent and well cared for home decor and furniture wares from across the globe.  Be a part of the treasure hunt at ReThink Home.